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Compressor Oil and Air Aftercooler



Part Number: [@PartNumber]
Model Description: [@Data7]
Designed Specifically for Rotary Screw Compressors

Construction & Materials:

Brazed Aluminum Bar and Plate Core
Steel Shroud
TEFC Motor
Aluminum Fan Hub with Plastic Blades


Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 PSIG
Maximum Operating Temperature: 350 F


Compact Design, Light Weight
Vertical Air Flow
Excellent for Field Conversions
Ideal for Converting Water Cooled Units to Air Cooled



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[@PartNumber] is a Combination Welded Core Cooler used to cool compressor oil and air with ambient air. Tis series is specifically designed for rotary screw compressors.

Note: Picture is an image of a stock unit and may not exactly depict the part number represented on this page.

[@Data7] Heat Exchanger Drawings  

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