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Air Cooled Aftercoolers:

Cooling Compressed Air


Air cooled aftercoolers use water to cool to compressed air, and then allow for moisture seperation with a moisture seperator and float drain. Air cooled aftercoolers are sutiable for cooling compressed air to within 5 degrees of your ambient air temperature.

By cooling compressed air, 75% or more of of the water vapor can be condensed and removed, and by removing water reduces maintenance costs, and increases reliability.

Compressor Manufacturers:

  Gardner Denver

Aftercooler with AC Motor:

Air Duct Heaters AA Series
Air Duct Heaters ACOC Series
Air Duct Heaters AHP Series
Air Duct Heaters AOL Series
Air Duct Heaters UPA Series

Aftercooler with DC Motor:


Aftercooler with Air Motor:


Core Only Aftercooler:

Air Duct Heaters UPA Series

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Air Cooled Aftercooler
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