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Air Cooled Aftercoolers

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for Compressed Gas and Air


When air is compressed heat is generated as a byproduct and subsequently water is trapped. Excess heat and moisture are not typically good for downstream equipment and fixtures.

The solution is simple, cool the compressed air back down or near to its pre-compression temperature and the moisture will fall out of suspension and accumulate as puddled moisture. The last step is to remove the moisture, and this can be done easily with a moisture separator.

Air cooled aftercoolers are sized based upon the air flow rate and the desired cooling discharge temperature. Oversizing the aftercooler is generally cost effective increases the effectiveness of the cooling and water removal capabilities.

Typical Applications:

  Cooling Compressed Air
  Drying Compressed Air
  Dry Cleaning
  Drying Equipmemt
  Printing and Pressing
Air Cooled Aftercoolers

Air Cooled Aftercoolers:

  5 SCFM to 7000 SCFM
  Rated up to 250 PSI and 350F
  AC, DC and Air Motor Options
Moisture Separator

Moisture Separators:

  5 SCFM to 3500 SCFM
  Up to 99% Efficient
Float Drains

Float Drains:

  Up to 200 PSI
  Automatic and Manual Options

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Air Cooled Aftercooler
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